Tommi Rautiainen

Tommi Rautiainen, visiting professor at Metropolia UAS Helsinki, will be the special guest at the European Jazz’s Cool event, with a master class entitled “International studio work as a session musician.” This meeting is a unique opportunity to explore the world of studio work internationally through the experience of a leading musician.

During the master class, Rautiainen will focus on two fundamental aspects for a session musician: sight-reading and musical memory. Reading at first sight is an essential skill for performing new pieces accurately and quickly, while musical memory allows one to internalize compositions, facilitating improvisation and fluency in performance.

Rautiainen will share techniques and strategies for improving these skills, based on his extensive professional experience. Participants will have the opportunity to learn through practical exercises and targeted tips that are useful for both emerging and established musicians.

European Jazz’s Cool thus continues its tradition of offering high-level training, contributing to the artistic development of musicians through meetings with internationally renowned professionals. Tommi Rautiainen’s master class promises to be an educational and inspiring event, ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about the dynamics of studio work and improve their technical skills.

Tommi Rautiainen masterclass

h 18:00 – 20:00
Saint Louis

Via cimarra, 19/b