Vinnie Moore

Born in New Castle, Delaware, on April 14, 1964, Vinnie Moore began his professional career at age 12 playing in various clubs and bars until Mike Varney of the Shrapnel label discovered him through a magazine article.

Through him he had the opportunity to take part in a 1985 Pepsi commercial even though Vinnie does not appear in the commercial: there are shots of his hands playing and the guitar track that can be heard was actually recorded by him, but the actor pretending to play is someone else.

Moore subsequently recorded his first solo album, Mind’s Eye, on the Shrapnel Records label and with fellow guitarist Tony MacAlpine on keyboards. This album received numerous awards from industry magazines and sold over 100,000 copies.

Moore then joined the heavy metal band Vicious Rumors, participating in the recordings of their debut album, Soldiers of the Night, and later Alice Cooper‘s band.

In 1987 he recorded the instructional video Advanced Lead Guitar Techniques and in 1989 a second video called Speed, Accuracy and Articulation.

Along with other guitarists such as Al Di Meola and Allan Holdsworth, Vinnie Moore still continues to record for Shrapnel Records. He has been a member of the hard rock band UFO since 2003.

Vinnie Moore the masterclass

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