Fabio Rogoli is a renowned concert pianist, composer and lecturer at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome.

Born in Monthey, Switzerland, Rogoli developed his passion for music from the age of 8, when he began playing the accordion.

Since then, he has devoted his life to the study of music, particularly classical piano, demonstrating an innate instinct for the art of improvisation.

His academic background includes classical piano studies at the Nino Rota Conservatory in Lecce, where he deepened his skills in classical music.

His thirst for knowledge led him to explore jazz Arrangement and Composition under the guidance of Maestro Franco D’Andrea, consolidating his versatility and ability to range between different musical genres.

Rogoli’s training is not limited to the classroom, but also extends through participation in International Senesi Jazz University Seminars, where he had the opportunity to learn from such masters as Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu and Enrico Pieranunzi.

This experience further contributed to his artistic growth, enriching his musical background with different perspectives and influences.

With such a rich and varied background, Fabio Rogoli stands out as an eclectic and well-rounded musician, capable of combining classical tradition with jazz innovation, making a significant contribution to the contemporary music scene.

He has played with Fabrizio Bosso, Javier Girotto, Heidi Vogel, Robert Bonisolo, Rosario Giuliani, Marco Tamburini, Fabio Zeppetella, Daniele Scannapieco, John Stowell, Michael Rosen, Susanna Stivali, Gegè Telesforo, Maurizio Giammarco, Roberto Ottaviano, Bungaro and many others.

Fabio Rogoli albums made: Trithonia (2001); Chaos Terrae (2003); Altra Tensione Live (2004); Trithonia “Viaggio” (2006); Limen (2015); Percorsi (2017); Armando Bertozzi & New Generation live at Casa del Jazz (2019).

Fabio Rogoli

Fabio Rogoli