SAINT LOUIS is the implementing party of the Afam Grand Tour project.

The GRAND TOUR AFAM project aims to. Promote the role of AFAM institutions abroad in the preservation and enhancement of Italian culture and lifestyle through a schedule of initiatives focused on Italian creativity. The project has a total duration of 24 months and is divided into two phases, “Creating in Italy” and “Networking,” the former carried out in Italy over a period of 12 months, the latter abroad over the next 12. Each initiative, realized in synergy among partner institutions in terms of complementarity, will enhance the centrality of students and their active participation, involving them in the planning, conception and production of innovative content and protagonists of artistic productions open to the public.

CREATING IN ITALY means generating a path of research and creative production with the involvement of students, teachers, researchers and international experts through the organization of workshops, exhibitions, events, conferences and other forms of discussion and study. To promote awareness of AFAM institutions, a calendar of meetings will be prepared in different Italian cities-a journey through the territories to learn about the best artistic and cultural realities of the peninsula.

NETWORKING means to originate an international contest for students from AFAM institutions and a road-show of AFAM institutions abroad. The contest will allow the active participation of students called upon to represent Italy, beauty and aesthetics, while the roadshow includes an articulated proposal of events dedicated to the foreign network: performances, exhibitions and residencies of young artists

The project coordinated by RUFA has 16 partners with common goals: 14 are AFAM institutions and 2 are public institutions, La Sapienza University with the Digilab Research Center, and the National Research Council with the Institute of Cultural Heritage Sciences.

The GRAND TOUR AFAM project, to rival Directorial Decree 124/2023 of the Ministry of Universities and Research, INTAFAM 00029, CUP I83B24000030006, aims to enhance the Afam network and promote its internationalization through the activation of experiences, activities, communication, dissemination, awareness, teaching, research and artistic production programs aimed at the preservation and promotion of Italian culture and made in Italy. The intervention is aimed at promoting awareness of cultural, artistic, musical and dance heritage, as well as ensuring the best conditions for its public use and enjoyment, increasing its attractiveness and international profile.

Nicola Piovani at Between Music Festival

24 JUL 2024
h 21:00
Piazza Cattedrale of Piazza Armerina (EN)