Jens Nørholm

Jens Nørholm has a solid foundation in rhythm music, primarily as a pianist but also as a drummer, composer and arranger.

His main musical language ranges from classical jazz to R/B and Brazilian jazz.
Jens has been taught by artists such as Carl Schoeder, Butch Lazy, Ed Thigpen, and Bo Steif. In new trends he studied with Kevin King, Gail Johnson and Scott Kinsey.

He has played and recorded with both national and international musicians, including Robben Ford, Alex Acuna, Justo Almario, Frank Gambale, Jimmy Haslip, and Scott Mayo.

His versatility and experience make him a highly sought-after musician, able to adapt to a variety of musical styles and contexts.

Jens Nørholm the masterclass

08 APR 2015
h 11:00 – 13:00
Saint Louis

via Baccina, 47