John Macaluso

John Macaluso appears on several of Alex’s solo albums, such as Vertical Invader and in the writing collaboration Late Nights At Deserts Rim Rock. The two would later record with bassist Randy Coven to form the MCM trio, Masi, Coven, Macaluso.

John joined Powermad in the late 1980s and released Absolute Power with Warner Bros. Records. Director David Lynch had discovered Absolute Power while writing the film with Nicolas Cage, Wild at Heart. Lynch liked the album so much that he decided to include the song Slaughter House in a scene in the film.

Powermads were brought to California and John Macaluso made his film debut in two scenes with actors Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern. Wild at Heart won first prize at the Cannes Film Festival. After almost a year of uninterrupted touring, John ended his tenure with Powermad and joined TNT, a Norwegian band.

The main riff of the Powermad Slaughterhouse song was also used as the soundtrack of a self-promotional animated advertisement frequently broadcast on MTV Europe in the early 1990s.

John recorded two albums with TNT (one live and one studio) and toured all over the world until the end of the band in 1992. Soon after, John returned to New York to join Riot, replacing Bobby Jarzombek (Rob Halford).

Riot toured extensively, touching Europe, Japan and the United States on several occasions. John appeared on Riot’s album The Brethren of the Long House; after that, John left the band.