Scott Free

“I try to help students develop an ear, connect with traditions and recognize their own potential for innovation.
Scott Free – I also want my students to appreciate the “sound image” (Copland’s term). Even if we talk about theory and practice, the actual presence of music-being in a room and hearing the sound being produced-is something to behold. It’s like looking at a work of art.”

“When you listen to a beautiful harmony, it is a profound feeling like few others. So I remind my students that if they really learn about theory, they can do things that will transform the way people feel and think. It is therefore worthwhile to invest one’s spirit completely in music.”

“Getting to know my talented students and their music is a great source of happiness for me. Everyone has talents; some are undeveloped, but they have potential. I am thrilled when a student proposes something great, but it is also very satisfying when I sense a potential that he or she has approached.
If the music has not fulfilled its mission and I can help them understand the process of turning the piece into something higher, it is a rewarding experience.”

“When I ask students to create a piece of music, I tell them that they must be careful to preserve their personal enthusiasm and not just perform my task.

Scott Free

Scott Free the masterclass

h 17:00 – 19:00
Saint Louis

via Baccina, 47