Valton Beqiri

Born in 1967 in Mitrovica into a family of musicians, he undertook a comprehensive education in Pristina. From a young age, his innate musicality and dedication to the music profession have been a solid support for intensive study of piano and composition.

His family environment, rich in artistic stimulation, facilitated an early exposure to music, enabling him to develop a deep understanding and appreciation for musical disciplines. In Pristina, he attended top educational institutions, where he honed his technical and theoretical skills.
Here, he had the opportunity to study under distinguished masters, who further shaped his approach to music.

Rigor and passion for music have been central elements in his training, leading him to excel both as a pianist and composer.
His dedication to piano study has seen a progressive refinement of performance technique, while his penchant for composition has resulted in original works that reflect a deep understanding of harmony and musical structure.

His career is a testament to his extraordinary ability to combine innate talent and academic training, resulting in an eminent figure on the musical scene.
His continued artistic and professional development remains an inspiring example for future generations of musicians.

Valton Beqiri odd and complex times

h 16:00 – 19:00
Saint Louis

Via Baccina, 47