Giovanni Mirabassi

Pianist Giovanni Mirabassi is undoubtedly one of the most unique musicians, a hiker attracted to winding paths rather than straight ones.

In 2001, French audiences succumbed to the discreet charm of his solo album, “Avanti!” Some would have chosen improvisational themes on jazz standards; he preferred to reveal the hidden melancholy of fifteen freedom anthems and committed songs from all countries. The CD is a resounding success worldwide.

By age 7 he could play all the preludes from Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, then discovered jazz at the Perugia Festival, spent all his pocket money on records by Monk, Miles, and Blakey, and sensed his style. It is imbued with the delicate harmonies of Enrico Pieranunzi, the aristocratic phrasing of Bill Evans and the collective rhythmic fury of Mingus.

Yet even as he shares the stage with Chet Baker one night, experiences the thrill of an Italian tour with Steve Grossmann and wins piano competitions, Giovanni Mirabassi cannot believe his lucky stars.

In 1992, in Paris, he finally found his place. There he mixes with the Italian diaspora: Paolo Fresu, Flavio Boltro, Stefano di Battista and especially their prestigious leader, Aldo Romano. There, too, he accidentally meets one of the last giants of classical piano, Aldo Ciccolini, who takes him under his wing.

Also there, he ran into Louis Moutin and Daniele Mencarelli with whom he recorded a very personal first Cd, Architectures (1998). Finally, he achieves glory with the Forward.

At this point, Giovanni Mirabassi opts for a more personal path. Strongly committed to his political views, it is out of the question for him to make commercial jazz. He decides to change course rather than take an aesthetic journey.

From then on, notions of autonomy and sharing are his main drivers, and the people he meets guide him artistically.

In 2003 he wrote compositions for an unusual piano/trombone/trumpet team with his musical partners Glenn Ferris and Flavio Boltro (“Air,” Jazz Academy’s best record of the year), then from 2008 to 2012 he formed a regular trio with bassist Gianluca Renzi and American drummer Leon Parker for three luminous albums.